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 Number of programmers

> Computer science, on the other hand, is doing terribly in this area!
> Is it just me, or has the last 15 years seen a horrible reduction in
> the creativeness in notation, and much more agreement on what that
> less-creative notation should be?  I mean, look at papers from the
> early 80s, and compare them to the papers of today, and tell me with
> a straight face that CS isn't at risk of losing its collective
> knowledge of arbitrary notational science.  And ironically, this all
> is happening during a period of explosion of fast systems with GUIs.
> Shouldn't this make it *easier* to draw new, weird symbols?
> Different types of lines, arrows, and boxes hardly count.

Why, goodness, the APL world has been tending to head towards using
ASCII notations.  (Witness J, K, A+).

"... and  the REALLY GOOD  THING, is that  after you have gone  to the
trouble of compiling that once, you can run it MANY MANY times!!!"
-- Arthur Norman

Mon, 24 May 2004 05:39:39 GMT  
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