Interface Woes...Emulator/TCP/IP or GDDM? 
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 Interface Woes...Emulator/TCP/IP or GDDM?

I live (part-time) on OS/390, using APL2. My shop recently upgraded
OS/390, inflicting a few "issues" on the APL2 environment. Most of
these problems had been adequately addressed and patches provided by
IBM (the system engineer simply hadn't bothered to apply the patches,
until we mere analyst types detected the ugly results of the bugs and
whined). However, I'm experiencing a problem which I've had to code
around, since my system engineer hasn't identified a patch to apply.

I have an interactive app that runs a few hundred background calls
against DB2. The app provides status reports on the progress of the
process. The DB2 calls are usually quite quickly answered, and there
is one status update per completed query. When GDDM is called in
swift, extended, succession via IMMWR, my users' sessions "lock." The
locking seems not to be at the background APL2 or DB2 levels but at
the interface level. Either GDDM or the terminal emulator's GUI
appears to hang in reaction to the failure of some background
process/thread. I suspect the latter and possibly a performance glitch
in the TCP/IP layer to/from OS/390 from Win NT.

My users have a more primitive emulator package than I, since mine
supports the APL symbol set. I can reproduce the "freezing" of the
interface with my emulator package, using a GDDM stressor app that I
wrote for this purpose, but, with my emulator, I have to push quite a
bit harder than my users do with their less flexible emulator package.

I will be grateful for any helpful advice.

Sun, 04 Jul 2004 22:33:24 GMT  
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