control structures in APL 
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 control structures in APL

Contrary to my expectations after Manugistics proposal, the discussion
about control structures apparently is not dead at all as I see so
many reactions in this forum.
Bob Bernecky, Kim Whitelaw (Brian McGuiness) bring in function arrays
(for blocks to be used in the control structure).
Paul Miller and Bill Chang (and several others) discuss
if control should be at the end of the line or the beginning of the
line and begins a block at the end or the begin of its first line.
Finally Bill Chang enumerates a number of alternatives based on
criteria as line-level/block-level  statement/expression (this is not
completely clear to me, Bill) keywords/symbols implicit/explicit.

As now, in the past 10 years many, many people proposed improved
Apparently we all agree (well..., most of us) that APL needs improvement
in the control structure.
However, I wonder if we could ever agree on particular implementation.
Frankly speaking I think that (although I have some outspoken
preferences) that several of the ideas here proposed would
improve APL and I would willingly agree to support alternatives that
differ from mine if a common user-support would sway IBM, APL68000,
Manugistics or Dyalog.

I would like an APL-like multiline-nesting machanism (using braces,
{del}-{pyramid} or whatever). I like right control left execute (and
I am willing to defend that position) but if we could agree on the
reverse, thats fine.
I do NOT like keywords, copy of 3th-generation-language-structures,
nor very increased complexity.
If many people have such a general position would it be possible to
find a common ground (or do I delude myself?).

Bill Chang ends one of his mails with a very fruitfull remark:

>I think it needs more work, just like all other proposals.
>wish I could discuss this subject with all of you at APL94.  :-(

 (does this face means you cannot come Bill? I would regret that.)

Could we convene in APL94 and come to a general supported proposal, or
will this be so much of a fight between different opinions that it will be a
useless exercise?
As I have a presentation in APL94 I am willing to dedicate that time for a
discussion to get such a proposal if many people think this will be
..................................................Eke van Batenburg

Fri, 07 Feb 1997 18:22:10 GMT  
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