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 APL95 software exchange

The APL95 Software Exchange

SIGAPL wants your software contributions to the APL95 Software
Exchange.  Any APL, J, or closely related software is welcome,
for any operating system.  To be included, your software needs
to be new and useful, or a recent and significant update.  If
your software is copyright, we need your written permission to
distribute it.  Demos of commercial software are welcome.

Please include an ASCII (or paper) file that briefly describes
what the software does, and what other software or hardware is
needed to use it.

Send your software for APL95 on diskette to{*filter*} Holt, 3802 N.
Richmond St.  Arlington VA 22207 USA.  You may also upload it
to the BBS\APL at 703-528-7617 (n81, 14400b, 24hrs), using the
false first name "APL95" and last name "UP", with password
"APL95."  You may also send it as a UUENCODE file on the net.
Please send your software one way or another by 5 April 1995.

Thu, 07 Aug 1997 12:53:07 GMT  
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