IBM's APL2 for Sun Solaris 
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 IBM's APL2 for Sun Solaris

Has anyone had any experience with IBM's APL2 for Sun Solaris?  We are porting
a telemetry analysis application written in APL2 that runs on an IBM mainframe
to a Sun Sparc 10 workstation and will probably use IBM's APL2 on the
workstation unless I hear that it is poorly implemented or buggy.  In such a
case we would probably use APL*PLUS/UNIX from APL2000 (formerly from
Manugistics, which used to be called STSC).

Tue, 07 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 IBM's APL2 for Sun Solaris


>Newsgroups: comp.lang.apl
>Subject: IBM's APL2 for Sun Solaris
>Date: 19 Jan 1996 17:48:34 GMT

>Has anyone had any experience with IBM's APL2 for Sun Solaris?

I have migrated my applications quite successfully last summer from APL2
for VM/CMS to APL2 for Sun Solaris. It took me only about two weeks
I had to do it because I had no more access to any VM/CMS but had access to
some Sun Solaris.
Now that I've been using the latter for six monthes, I can say that it is a
great product too. There are some minor glitches, but the performances and
the programming environment of the last service levels are now quite good
and acceptable.
Some features of APL2 for VM/CMS are missing, and some APL2 for Sun Solaris
are not available with APL2 for VM/CMS, but the differences are minor. I
just had to change some of my habits.
All in all, I'd like to say that I (and my boss) happened to be 'happy'
with APL2 for VM/CMS, and that I (and my boss) am (are) 'happy' with APL2
for Sun Solaris!

Jean Pierre Wilmotte

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