Unlimited precision in APL? 
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 Unlimited precision in APL?

>Is there any APL interpreter available for the PC which
> permits unlimited numerical precision? (i.e. many
>digits  more than the 16 or-so one gets with most
>languages which  store double-precision numbers in the
>IEEE 8-byte format)

Think one of the computer algebra systems (CAS) would be your
best bet.  I use
Mathematica, but Maple, Macsyma or Derive most likely would
also serve.  One
test of the accuracy of the APL you choose would be to apply
{quaddivide} to
increasingly bigger Hilbert matrices, starting say with a 6 by
6 and going up from
there.  Machine epsilon for both APL2 and ISI/APLIWIN is
16*-13.  APL functions to
calculate various floating point machine and implementation
dependent constants
will be published in the soon to appear latest issue of the
Newsletter for the APL
Bay Area Users' Group - Northern California SIG APL of the ACM.
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