APL support planned for Irma Workstation for Windows 
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 APL support planned for Irma Workstation for Windows

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Subject: APL support planned for Irma Workstation for Windows

Back in December, I called DCA's tech support line to ask whether their latest
version of IWW had sufficient customization knobs to allow a sufficiently
motivated user to cobble together an APL keyboard and use the APL screen font
of one's choice. The person I spoke to was able to collar enough techies to get
an immediate answer - I would almost certainly run into serious frustration
trying to do the keyboard, and arbitrary font support is non existent (makes
sense, IWW does strange things with fonts to squeeze full 327x screens into
small windows).

However, she mentioned that they had an RFE for APL support under evaluation -
EPR# 2154, they didn't name the requestor. Yesterday, somebody from DCA called
me to say they had decided to proceed with APL support, for availability late
this summer. She said it would be 'basic' APL, not APL2 - which I take to mean
some APL3278-like nonunion abomination lacking hoof and paw and the like. No
real info's available right now on keyboard or screen font since somebody at
DCA's got to go off and figure out how they're going to do this - I was told I
could call back late April or so for more info.

Registered IWW users will presently (not yet, I'm told) be able to attach
themselves to a me-too list for EPR2154 and receive the update (for free,
supposedly) when it's available. Those of us who haven't bought IWW because it
doesn't support APL yet will have to content ourselves with bugging DCA's tech
support line for information periodically or listening to rumors in
comp.lang.apl. Even if this thing turns out to be a dud useful only to whoever
requested it (as seems possible) it's nice to see a mainstream vendor taking
notice of APL...
/Gary Dennis

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