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 APL Education mailing list

This is to announce the creation of the APLEDU-L mailing list.

During the workshop on APL Education called by H. PEELLE at APL92, it was
suggested to create a mailing list specifically oriented to APL and education.

David G. Macneil, Director, Computing Services, University of New Brunswick,
Canada has accepted to create the mailing list on their computer.

The description of the mailing list is:

APL Education Mailing List
intercommunication among teachers and students using APL (at all levels).

Specific purposes are:

   - to share learning experiences
   - to exchange descriptions of teaching methods
   - to provide instant access to lists of appropriate instructional
     materials (essentially I-APL and J on-line)
   - to circulate good illustrative programs (perhaps using keywords for APL)
   - to pose interesting small problems for intellectual stimulation and fun

The address of the list is:

To subscribe to the list you send a message to


with no name nor subject in the header, with the only line:

SUB APLEDU-L your_name

(no leading blanks). For example I would send SUB APLEDU-L Alain Delmotte.

To unsuscribe the message would be: UNSUB APLEDU-L.

There are other commands you can send specifically to the listserver for
example concerning suspending the mail, getting a help file, etc. Normally
a short introduction to the mailing list is sent when you subscribe.

In short, everything which concerns your link to the mailing list should

the participants of the list should be sent to APLEDU-L.

We hope the list will prove usefull.

Many thanks to David G. Macneil for his support.

I take the opportunity to remind you the other mailing list on APL (APL-L)
at UNB; the procedures to subscribe and unsubscribe are the same as for


PS. The mailing list is working with "digests", that means that the messages
are collected and are sent once a day (midnight :-))

Fri, 03 Mar 1995 20:23:11 GMT  
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