Meeting Annoucnement for Potomac ACM SIGAPL 
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 Meeting Annoucnement for Potomac ACM SIGAPL

                   On Monday July 19, 1993, at 7:30PM

                       The Potomac ACM SIGAPL
                              jointly with
       The APL Special Interest Group on the Capitol PC User Group

                     Presents a talk by:  Larry Dusold
                      APL resources and the INTERNET

A large number of APL Computing Enthusiasts have E-Mail access with either
INTERNET, BITNET, UUNET, CompuServe, America On-Line, etc.  Many sources
of APL information are available with just E-Mail.  This talk will focus on how
to get access to APL discussion lists, APL Announcements, how to submit
questions to the list, and how to get files of APL Software <with just
E-Mail access>.  For those with a PC and a Modem, but who do not yet have
E-Mail access to the INTERNET, CAP Access which gives free (E-MAIL Only)
access to the INTERNET in the metro DC area will be described.

About Larry Dusold:

Larry Dusold is Chief of the Telecommunications & Scientific Computer Support
Branch, Center for Food Saftey & Applied Nutrition, CFSAN, US-FDA.  An APL
user since the early 70's he has been an ACM and SIGAPL member since 1974.
He just finished installing (Last Month) IBM's Version 2 Rel. 1 of APL2 on the
FDA/CFSAN 4381-91E System under VM/ESA, which supports very large workspaces.
This system has E-Mail access to BITNET, INTERNET, IBMMAIL, and other networks.

Future Meetings:

Monday Aug.  16, 1993  7:30PM   Nancy Wheeler on APL2
Monday Sept. 20, 1993  7:30PM   Highlights of APL93
Monday Oct.  18, 1993  7:30PM   Peter Lewis on AGSS

About Potomac ACM SIGAPL:

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