APL 2002 Madrid Call for Papers 
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 APL 2002 Madrid Call for Papers

                       A P L  2002
                      (APL-LPA 2002)

   Array Processing Languages: Lore, Problems and Applications

                       Madrid SPAIN

                     22-25 July 2002

Call for Papers, Tutorials and Workshops


Important Dates

- January 31, 2002: Deadline for paper submission
  (extended abstracts) and proposals.

- February 28, 2002: Notification of acceptance.

- April 30, 2002: Camera Ready Papers.

- May 31, 2002: Pre-registration.

- July 22 - 25, 2002: APL 2002 Conference in Madrid.


The APL 2002 Conference will be held July 22-25, 2002
in Madrid, Spain. This is the annual international
conference on APL and other array programming languages
(A+, J, K, Matlab, Mathematica, Nial, S-Plus, etc.).
The conference will be held in cooperation with ACM
(SIGAPL) and the British APL Association.

Topics of Interest

The subject matter of the APL 2002 Conference is three-fold:

- Lore: The history of Array Programming Languages,
including historical considerations on any of the
following or other questions: design, implementations,
applications, difficulties, standards wars, divergence,
vendors, etc.

- Problems: Current use of Array Programming Languages
in research and innovation, stressing the advantages
provided by the use of the language in building a
prototype or the final system. Straightforward
descriptions of advanced research questions, or
proposals for extensions for current or new Array
Programming Languages are also encouraged.

- Applications: Actual use of Array Programming
Languages for real-life applications, with successful
case studies and comparisons with other languages.
The application in question need not be at the front
end of research in its field.

The APL 2002 Conference will also hold a number of
Tutorials, hands-on Workshops and Panel discussions.

Submission of Proposals

The conference committee invites you to submit your
proposals and intention to participate, indicating
the following information:

- Papers (40 minute presentations): an extended abstract
  with a maximum of two pages.
- Short Communications (20 minute presentations): an
  abstract with a maximum of one page.
- Tutorials (90 minute session): a one-page program
  of the proposed tutorial.
- Workshops (two-hour hands-on session): a one-page
  description of the proposed workshop.

In all cases:
- Your name and affiliation.
- Your e-mail address.
- Type of proposal (paper, tutorial, workshop, panel discussion).

Submissions via e-mail:

Abstracts are welcome now and should be submitted as plain ASCII files.
Submit proposals and short communications to

Submit proposals for tutorials and workshops to

Submissions via fax:

Submit all proposals to Xavier Alaman, +34 91 348 2235

Submissions via standard mail:

Submit all proposals to:
Xavier Alaman
E.T.S. Informatica
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Campus de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid SPAIN


Conference Chair:  Manuel Alfonseca (Universidad Autnoma

Local Organizing Chair:  Pilar Rodrguez (Universidad

Local Logistics:
Pablo Castells (Universidad Autnoma de Madrid, Spain)

Francisco Saiz (Universidad Autnoma de Madrid, Spain)

Program Committee:
Xavier Alamn (Universidad Autnoma de Madrid, Spain)

Tutorials/Workshop Chair:  Enrique Alfonseca

Webmaster: Estrella Pulido (Universidad Autnoma de

Conference Site

The Conference will be held at the Technical School of
Computer Science in the Universidad Autnoma of Madrid.
This School is located in a new building, completed in
July 1999 and providing all the opportunities for a
successful conference. It has lecture theaters and a
variety of seminar rooms with computers and projection
equipment, plus several workshop rooms with 24 computers
each. The University is located 16 km from the center of
Madrid, accessible by excellent train and bus lines.
Special buses will be provided for participants in the
morning and the afternoon. Several hotels with a scale
of prices will be offered to visitors.

Contact Information

URL: http://www.*-*-*.com/

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