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 Kapl with Aplus


I have the same probleme than Donald Menken  who wrote in aplusdev.d13.com :

Does someone have the solution.


> I have installed the binary RPM of A+.  I have adjusted my Netscape

browser so that it displays the A+ glyphs correctly when reading the
reference manual.  I can open a dialog with A+ on a terminal emulator.

> Alas, when I attempt to type the assignment operator I see ^[[, and an

error  message.  Still in the terminal emulator, I am unsuccessful in
entering any A+ glyphs.

> The documentation appears to suggest that an Emacs session has an option

for establishing an Emacs/A+ session which presumably might resolve the
> Nah, my Emacs does know about A+.  If there is a missing PATH statement

that I don't know about, I can't find an appropriate reference.  (I haven't
messed much with Emacs.)

> The language definition seems quite impressive, and I would really enjoy
> getting back into APL; it brings back fond memories of a 1050 terminal

with an APL type ball wired by acoustical coupler into the engineering
360/50  back around 1970.

> Anyone have some advice?

>Donald Menken

Thu, 20 May 2004 19:54:45 GMT  
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