IBM's APL2/PC Version 1.02 
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 IBM's APL2/PC Version 1.02

   Version 1.02 of APL2 for the IBM Personal Computer is available in
the USA as of Monday February 17, 1992.

   New features include:

      Extended Selective Specification
      New Graphics Processor
      New Editor/De{*filter*}
      Complex Number Support
      Runs in a DOS session under OS/2 2.0
      New Development Tool Kit  (Application Prototyping Environment)

   For a limited time, purchasers of version 1 who sent in the
registration card will be offered an upgrade at no additional cost.
Information about the upgrade offering will be mailed directly to the
registered owners.  This offer applies only to part number 6242936,
PRPQ RJB411 (5799-PGG).

David Liebtag, IBM APL Products

Wed, 03 Aug 1994 09:10:23 GMT  
 IBM's APL2/PC Version 1.02


>   Version 1.02 of APL2 for the IBM Personal Computer is available in
>the USA as of Monday February 17, 1992.
>   New features include:


How Do I order( I've been waiting).

Also, for us on a Budget, how much does it cost, and are educational
discounts available?


Sat, 06 Aug 1994 07:42:55 GMT  
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