Right, left, Right. 
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 Right, left, Right.

> (Regarding "understanding from the right", it seems to me that since the
> result of the function comes from the leftmost function, code is often
> easier to understand if read from the left.)

It would be perhaps more precise to say the the code on the left is more
relevant to the result of the expression, and the code to the right is more
relevant to its arguments.  Some would say high level and low level, but
that's not my prejudice.  In any case, the only thing that's really being
done from right to left is the computer's evaluation, and that's only of
direct interest to the computer.

The introduction of tacit programming in J has thrown us another loop,
given that forks can be composed of three big elaborate expressions,
which could have been, but were not, written as:

f =: ...big expression
g=: ... big expression
h=" ...big expression

F =:  f g h

and in this case, the last thing to be done is IN THE MIDDLE, and when
the expression is done without the above (lemma'izing?) technique, the
start and the finish are no longer so obvious.

F =.  (....big expression...)(...big expression...)(...big expression...)

Fortunately, J allows you to type:

+-----... ---+------... ----+------.... ----+
| ......     |              |               |
+-----... ---+------... ----+------.... ----+

and the "tines" of the fork are (salt?) crystal clear.

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