APL.68000 for the Macintosh 
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 APL.68000 for the Macintosh

If you have used APL.68000 on the Macintosh, or know something about
this implementation, I would like to hear from you. I have received
some info from MicroAPL Ltd., but I need more.

Following points are of interest to me:

1) It is said (in the adverti{*filter*}ts) that APL.68000 includes some
   "APL2-extensions" - what are these, if any? Does APL.68000
   support nested arrays, defined operators, etc?

2) How well does the "terminal emulator task" work with IBM 3090
   mainframe APL2?

3) How easy it is to port APL2 workspaces from mainframes to
   Macintosh - are any tools for this included, or must I write
   my own?

4) What kind of support does APL.68000 give for exporting APL-programs
   as text to word-processing applications on the Mac? - I would like
   to include APL programs in documents that are to be printed on
   the LaserWriter.



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