APL Newsreader via ftp 
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 APL Newsreader via ftp

The APL Newsreader is now available via anonymous ftp from
watserv1.waterloo.edu, in the languages/apl/workspaces/newsreader
directory.  There are three files:

        read.me         - installation instructions
        aplnews.zip     - the newsreader software
        cla94.zip       - the comp.lang.apl archive for 1994

You will need version 2 of PKUNZIP to uncompress the .zip files.

   Beware that these three files are about 2 megabytes of data.  If you
pay by the byte for your downloads, figure out how much it will cost you
first.  You can get the newsreader and the full archive (1989-1994)
virtually free if you're patient and wait for the mailed disks to come
to you.  E-mail me if you didn't see the previous announcement on c.l.a.


Sat, 26 Apr 1997 08:10:07 GMT  
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