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Iverson Software Inc. Introduces J Release 2 for Windows

Powerful programming language now available with a sophisticated Windows
development environment.

Toronto, Canada, August 3, 1994 - Iverson Software Inc. announces
J Release 2 for Windows, a new system integrating the powerful
general-purpose programming language J with a sophisticated
Windows-based development environment.

J is distinguished by its simple and consistent rules, a large set of
built-in functions, powerful facilities for defining new operations, and
a general and systematic treatment of arrays. It is ideal for complex
analytical work, modeling, and rapid application development.

The Windows interface supports standard Windows controls and VBX
controls, and allows DDE and OLE for general inter-program
communication. ODBC database access is provided, with drivers for most
popular databases. You can use J Release 2 for Windows to develop
complete Windows applications, or simply use it as an advanced
calculator that can be called from other programs.

Iverson Software Inc. also announces the appointment of Strand Software
Systems Inc. to distribute their products worldwide. Strand has been a
leader in the distribution of analytical software in Canada for several
years, and has also been a valuable resource in the development and
release of the new product.

Eric Iverson, President of Iverson Software Inc. said: "The need for a
full-featured programming environment with a simple interface to Windows
seems ever increasing. We believe we have developed a state-of-the-art
programming tool to enable programmers to reach a very high level of
productivity. Moreover, our new relationship with Strand will allow us
to concentrate our efforts on research and development, while providing
better service and support to our clients".

For more information on J Release 2 for Windows, or other products from
Iverson Software Inc., contact Anne Faust at:

  Strand Software Systems
  2 Adelaide Street West, Suite 203
  Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 1L6
  Tel (416) 369-1630  Fax (416) 369-9590

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