APL2/PC Exchange Assembly files 
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 APL2/PC Exchange Assembly files

I while ago I seem to recall obtaining a file containing a large number of
exchange assembly files for IBMs APL/2-PC.  Unfortunately I've lost them in a
hard disk crash, and I can't find the files on any of my backups.  (part of the
problem is that I don't even remember the name of the archive file which
contained them; nor where I got them).

If this description rings a bell for anyone, would it be possible for you to
upload a copy of the archive to Lee{*filter*}ey's repository at Waterloo?  Or at
least tell me what the file is called and where it is, if that's not possible?

Thanks very much!
Phil Viton

Sun, 12 Feb 1995 23:28:47 GMT  
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