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 > Where can I get this freeware J ?

I can send you a copy but it is better if you get it off the ftp site if
you can.
Then you will always have the latest version available.

Here follow a few lines from the FAQ

J FreeWare
(4) Where can I obtain J?

J is distributed by Strand Software Systems, and other authorized
dealers. For information, contact:

(7) What is on the ftp site?

J files may be found at the University of Waterloo: (

and the European mirror site: (

in directories:  languages/j and languages/apl/j.

in directory:  languages/j
   contents.txt         directory contents
   j.faq                J FAQ
   jsmid.hlp            Introduction and Dictionary
   jsm.hlp              User Manual
   jfw.txt              description of J FreeWare
   jfw.exe              J FreeWare

in directory:  languages/apl/j/help/j_intro.davies
   j_intro.tex.Z        Introduction to J         ditto

in directory:  languages/apl/j/help/intj.smillie          Introducing J with statistical examples

in directory:  languages/apl/j/help/what-is-j.dickey
   what_is.j            What is J?
   what_is_j.Z          ditto

in directory:  languages/apl/j/src
   j62_src.zoo          J Release 1 6.2 source

in directory:  languages/apl/j/exec
   J Release 1 binaries for various machines

There are many other files in languages/apl/j.


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