Meeting Announcement for Potomac SIGAPL 
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 Meeting Announcement for Potomac SIGAPL

                   On Monday August 15, 1994 at 7:30PM

                         The Potomac ACM SIGAPL
                              jointly with
      The APL Special Interest Group of the Capital PC User Group

                Presents a discussion by: Dan Baronet
                         User Commands in APL

Dan Baronet will talk about user written commands including general
considerations, Manugistics' implementation, and command line parsing
examples.  Dan works for Legi-Slate, Inc. which is the Washington Post
online information subsidiary.  Legi-Slate is located at 777 N Capitol St.
in Washington, DC.

Next Meeting:

September 19, 1994 at 7:30PM

Regular meetings of the Potomac ACM SIGAPL are held at 7:30 PM on the
third Monday of each month except February and December when the
Potomac SIGAPL meets at 10 AM on the second Saturday instead.  Regular
meetings of the Potomac APLSIG are held jointly with the CPCUG APL SIG
at the CPCUG Headquarters, 51 Monroe Street, Rockville, Maryland.

About Potomac ACM SIGAPL:

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