Control Structures in APL 
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 Control Structures in APL

Just to put in my oar...

I think we have another lost opportunity here. I watched all of the
control structure debate over the years - and most of the cases seemed
to quite deservedly sink from sight.

Then along came Rob Willhoft's proposal - which seemed to make more
sense the longer I looked at it. Indeed I felt that it was an
irresistible proposal, one that would have made us all very happy if
it had been incorporated into the language.

But two years went by - nothing happened until APL*PLUS III emerged
with yet another syntax.

Good thing - we now have an implementation in the marketplace that we
can use, and judge the benefits.

Bad things - I think Willhoft's proposal was superior; even worse, we
have yet another fragmentation of the APL world and yet another excuse
for a 'how many angels on the pinhead' introspective argument.

One of the sessions scheduled at APL94 is a discussion of 'The Future
of APL' - I hope that everyone attending the conference will be able
to focus their thoughts on what we have to do to make APL (as a
generic entity) more widely adopted as a problem-solving tool.
Something that I believe has to happen as a matter of some urgency is
for us all to decide on what we want APL to be.

Thu, 30 Jan 1997 22:24:11 GMT  
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