APL93 Russian Fund 
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 APL93 Russian Fund

As you are no doubt aware by now, the APL93 Russian Fund is working to
bring researchers and students from the ex-USSR to APL93 in Toronto.
The fund is currently supporting the costs of 6 delegates, including
one student, solely due to the generous contributions of people in the
APL community.

Now, Security APL, of Chicago, is upping the ante: Security APL will
match ALL funds contributed to the Fund up to a maximum of $1000USD.
If you wish to double the value of a contribution to the Fund, please
indicate "Matching Funds for Security APL" somewhere in your contribution

Contributions to the APL93 Russian Fund may be made by sending a check
    APL93 Russian Fund
    P.O. Box 384, Adelaide Street Postal Station
    Toronto, Ontario M5C 2J5

Thanks for your support!

Snake Island Research Inc  (416) 203-0854
18 Fifth Street, Ward's Island
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2B9

Wed, 29 Nov 1995 00:17:51 GMT  
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