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                New tutorials at the APL Archives in Waterloo.

Zdenek (Denny) V. Jizba has recently completed a new set of tutorials
for APL2.  There are 22 tutorials, two more help workspaces, and an
index.  The 25 files may be found on the web at this URL:


Denny has written:

        One of my ongoing projects over the past few years has been the
        writing of interactive tutorials on APL. Most recently I have
        been upgrading the tutorials on APL2 (PC version) to the
        APL2OS2 version. This has turned out to be a bigger task than
        expected. OS2 and APL2OS2 are so intertwined that to learn how
        to use effectively APL2 requires familiarity with OS/2.
        Furthermore, the auxiliary processors of APL2OS2 have been
        changed so much that my previous tutorial workspaces have to be
        practically re-written. As of now there are seven APL2OS2
        tutorial workspaces more or less in a state of completion
        (though I find it necessary on occasion to update them on the
        basis of my ever increasing knowledge of OS2).

Prof. Leroy J.{*filter*}ey, Faculty of Mathematics, U of Waterloo, Canada  N2L 3G1

          http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ljdickey

Sun, 23 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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