php like regular expressions in apl? 
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 php like regular expressions in apl?

What I should really like to have in APL are PHP/Perl etc like regular
expression handling functions (primitive or not). The PHP-function
below searches the stock exchange rate for a given company symbol like
"NOK". The regular expressions in the Internet languages like PHP are
used for information gathering (screen scraping). The APL users are
very often analysts, researchers and mathematicians who want to take
the benefit of the many information sources of the Internet.

function takerate($symbol)

{ // connect to URL and read information

  $theurl = " http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;


if (!($fp = fopen($theurl, "r")))


    echo "Could not open URL";

    exit; }

$contents = fread($fp, 1000000);


// find the part of the page we want and output it

  $pattern = "(\\\$ [0-9 ]+\\.[0-9]+)";

  if (eregi($pattern, $contents, $quote))

 { echo "$symbol ";

   echo $quote[1];

   echo "<br>";

 } else


    echo "No quote available for $symbol <br>";




Sun, 18 Jan 2004 13:49:40 GMT  
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