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APL Frequently Asked Questions  (well some, anyway)
Maintained by S.W. Sirlin     July 23, 1993
Thanks to the many people who have contributed to this list.

(1)      APL sources

APL\11 Freely available interpreter for UNIX (C), thanks to Michael
       Cain. Currently has some bugs.
          ftp: watserv1.waterloo.edu.  

APL.68000 (Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, IBM RS/6000, Mac level I/II,
           add in board for IBM pc's):
     In North America:
        Spencer Organization
        24 Wampum Road
        Park ridge, NJ  USA  07656
        Phone: +1-201-307-9099, Fax: +1-201-307-9404
     For the rest of the world:
        MicroAPL Limited
        South Bank Technopark
        90 London Road,
        London  UK    SE1 6LN
        Phone: +44-71-922-8866    Fax: +44-71-928-1006
        Telex: 896885 IOTA
APL90 (Mac?):
        Jean-Jacques Girardot
        School Mines
        St-Etienne, France

CAPL (IBM PC) shareware interpreter
        Thomas Glen Smith
        3154 W. Shady Lane
        Neenah, WI

        ftp: waterloo
        Digital Equipment Corp.
        20 Old Bolton Road (0G01-1/G11)
        Stow MA, USA   01775
        Phone: (508) 496-9686
Dyalog APL (Unix, APL/W for Windows):
           Dyadic Systems Ltd.
           Riverside View, Basing Road, Old Basing, Basingstoke
           Hampshire RG24 0AL, UK
           Tel: 011-44-(256) 811125  Fax: (0256) 811130

        US Distributor:
           MIPS Software Development Inc
           33493 W. Four{*filter*} Mile Rd
           Suite 10
           Farmington Hills, Mich 48331
           Tel: (313) 661-5000, Fax:  (313) 661-5826
I-APL (IBM PC, Mac, some other PCs) (free*):
        In the US:
           Edward M. Cherlin
           Co-Chairman, I-APL Limited
           6611 Linville Drive
           Weed, California, USA  96094-9763
           (916) 938-4684
        In the UK:
           Anthony Camacho
           Co-Chairman, I-APL Limited
           11 Auburn Road
           Bristol BS6 6LS    UK
IBM APL (APL2 and TryAPL2 [free*] for PCs, APL2/6000 for RS/6000, IBM
        APL Products (M46)
        IBM Santa Teresa, Dept. M46/D12
        555 Bailey Avenue
        San Jose, California 95141, USA
        Voice-mail: 408-463-APL2 (408-463-2752)

        APL2 for the PC is, in the USA, part number 6242936 from "IBM
        Direct" at 800-IBM-2468 (800-426-2468) or product 5799-PGG
        from your IBM representative.
J & Sharp APL/PC/386 (J is free*, PC version of Sharp APL is free*,
        APLI386 is cheap):  
        Iverson Software Inc.
        33 Major Street
        Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5S 2K9
        Voice: 416-925-6096  Fax: 416-488-7559  
Manugistics (formerly STSC): APL*PLUS (PCs [DOS,Windows], Unix, VMS,
        Statgraphics )
        Manugistics Inc.
        2115 East Jefferson St.
        Rockville, Maryland, USA  20852
        301-984-5000 or 800-592-0050 or 301-984-5123  Fax: 301-984-5094
Sharp APL (MVS, AIX, SunOS; Viewpoint APL 4GL):
        Soliton Associates Limited (Formerly I. P. Sharp Associates)
        44 Victoria St, Suite 2100
        Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 1Y2
        (416) 364-9355, (716) 256-6466, or +31-20-570-8733

        Nial Systems Ltd
        Queen's University and Nial Systems
        155 Queen Street, Ninth Floor
        Ottawa, Ontario
        (613) 234-4188)

(2) Terminal Emulation

EXTRA! Extended for DOS or EXTRA! for Windows.
     Includes APL2 character set in both.  DOS product works
     under Windows.
     Attachmate Corporation
     13231 S.E. 36th Street
     Bellevue, Washington 98006 USA
     tel. (800) 426-6283
          (206) 644-4010 in Washington State

     Digital Communications Associates, Inc.
     1000 Alderman Drive
     Alpharetta, Georgia 30201-4199 USA
     tel. (404) 442-4000

OS/2 Communications Manager in the Extended Services. Includes a CMAPL
     routine that defines an APL character set and supports APL2 on
     the mainframe.  Includes GDDM support for graphics.
     IBM or OS/2 vendor

RUMBA (for 3270, apl and graphics)
     Wall Data
     17769 NE 78th Place
     Redmond WA 98052-4992

TN3270 (Macintosh) Not public domain, but may be freely distributed.
     Works with TCP/IP
     Anonymous FTP from BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (
        Distribution files are in the highest level directory.  Begin by
        retrieving the file $README.FIRST which describes the other files.
     Anonymous FTP from FTP.NCSA.UIUC.EDU (
        Distribution files are contained in the directory
        NCSA_Telnet/tn3270.  Same files as above above for

        for a complete list of available files.
     Mail order from Brown for $20 (check payable to Brown University):
        TN3270 Distribution
        Brown University Computer Store
        P.O. Box 1885
        Providence, Rhode Island 02912 USA
     Info -- the NCSA Telnet Digest subscription:

X3270 - 3270 emulator for the X Window System (UNIX workstations)
     Kathy Lange
     X3270 Marketing and Development
     Neighborhood Road MS/228
     Kingston, NY  12401
     Phone: (914) 385-5527      

YTERM For PC, supports IBM, VAX, TCP/IP with APL/APL2 chars.
     Yale University Computing & Information Systems
     Software Distribution
     175 Whitney Avenue
     New Haven CT 06520
     Tel: (203) 432-6600   Fax: (203)-432-6165

(3) Compilers and other tools

APL to C conversion and compiler
     6. rue Paul Bert
     92800 Puteaux - France
     (1) +  Telex: 612 651 F

VSAPL to C conversion and compiler
     Dr. Wai-Mee Ching
     Computer Science Department
     T. J. Watson Research Center
     P.O. Box 704
     Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
     Phone: 914-784-7748

IEDIT (APL2 editor), APL2 compiler (to fortran, marketing this for IBM),
AFM file system, APL2 tools.
     Interprocess Systems, Inc.
     9040 Roswell Road, Suite 690
     Atlanta, Georgia 30350-1131 USA
     (404) 992-8400  Fax: (404) 998-4869


Tim Budd's latest APLc:
     anonymous login to cs.orst.edu,
     cd pub/budd and grab the files apl.*
     or send a mail message through the internet to

     with the single word apl on the subject line.

My current modification (3.6) of Budd's older aplc:
     anonymous ftp to:   csi.jpl.nasa.gov

Computer Aided Instruction, for PC or mainframe IBM.  Also a newsletter.
     Zark Incorporated
     53 Shenipsit Street
     Vernon, CT 06066
     Tel. (203) 872-7806

(4) Online information, free* APLs & WS

     Sysop{*filter*} Holt
     HRH Systems
     3802 N. Richmond St.
     Arlington VA 22207

     (703) 528-7617

     Free mail (suggested $24/year or up/downloads $10/year ).
     Mostly IBM pc/STSC, lots of education, cryptography, DC area Sig,
     large collection of ws. Free download of the latest J, ISI
     APLISW; Sharp APL/PC available. Catalog bbsfiles.zip (about 35k).
     Supports 1200 - 14400 baud (N-8-1), v.32 bis.

2. Anonymous ftp
     csi.jpl.nasa.gov (
        The site for this FAQ, my version of the apl compiler (3.6),
        some scripts for J,{*filter*}J language summary, J faq.
        See the directory pub/apl
     exaia.wu-wien.ac.at (
        some J sources, particularly for HP
        Introduction to J using statistics, pub/smillie/intj.*
        The site of Committee Draft 1 of the APL ANSI/ISO standard
        (1/93) in:
           pub/plan/apl/cover.ps  (a cover letter)
           pub/plan/apl/aplcd1.ps (the main document)
     nova.cc.purdue.edu, cs.orst.edu
        some NEXT/J material: j.pkg.tar, Visage.pkg.tar
     watserv1.waterloo.edu (watserv1.uwaterloo.ca) (
        L.J.{*filter*}ey's collection. Current J distribution for many machines
        (and J source, including LinkJ), APL\11, CAPL, IAPL, TryAPL,
        RatAPL, APL fonts, TeX macros and fonts, the toronto toolkit,
        some other WS, archives of comp.lang.apl, the APL standard,
        and this FAQ. These are in directories starting from directory
     wuvieai.wu-wien.ac.at (
        This mirror of the APL Archives on watserv1 may be more
        convenient for users in Europe.  Start in the directory
3. Mail server

4. Bitnet mail server

5. Inquiries about the proposed ISO standard should be addressed to
   the mailing-list at

(5) APL fonts

Besides comercial products that come with the interpreters, there are
fonts for TeX and the X windows system avaiable on waterloo. Truetype
fonts for windows are available from ISI and Manugistics.

(6) Sources of Publications/Books

     APL News
     Edward M. Cherlin, Editor
     (address above)

     APL Quote Quad
     Association for Computing Machinery
     (address below)

     Renaissance Data Systems
     PO Box 20023
     Park West Finance Station
     NY, NY  USA  10025-1510
     (212) 864-3078

     (SIGAPL book sale, executive editor of Quote-Quad)
     Robert G. Brown
     116 Bentley Avenue
     Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA  08857-1336

(7) References - books mentioned on the net, not all of which are

     Brown et. al. "APL2 at a Glance," Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-038670-7.

     T. Budd, "An APL Compiler," Springer-Verlag.

     J. Ever and C. Fair, "Guidelines for APL Systems,"
     DPD 22 IBM 037301, March 1976.

     Gilman and Rose, "APL - An Interactive Approach,"  Wiley,
     ISBN 220-471-30022-5.

     Kent Haralson, Useful APL Defined Functions, IBM Technical
     Report, TR 00.2409, Feb. 8 1973.

     Timothy Holls, "APL Programming Guide," IBM G320-6103, 1978, and
     G320-6735, 1981, (out of print?).

     S. Kamin,  "Programming Languages: An Interpreter-Based
     Approach," contains (among other things) toy implementations of
     Lisp, APL, Scheme, SASL, CLU, Smalltalk, and Prolog.

     IBM, "An Introduction to APL2" (SH20-9229).
     IBM, "APL2 Programming: Language Reference"
     (SH20-9227 or SH21-1061?).

     Adrian Smith:
     "APL   A Design Handbook for Commercial Systems"
     (Wiley series in information processing)
     Wiley & Sons, 1982,  ISBN 0-471-10092-7.

     "The APL Handbook of Techniques," IBM publication number
     S320-5996, April 1978.

(8) User groups

     Association for Computing Machinery / Special Interest Group on
     APL, international membership.
     Quarterly journal Quote Quad.  Chapter groups around the country.
        Association for Computing Machinery
        1515 Broadway
        New York, NY 10036
        Tel: (212) 626-0611   Fax: (212) 302-5826

     APL Bay Area Users Group, Northern California ACM SIGAPL
     Meets monthly, regular newsletter, $20/yr.
        Lew Robinson
        1100 Gough Street, Apt. 14A
        San Francisco, CA 95109
        Tel. 415-928-2058
        Prodigy  frgp21a

     British APL Association, a specialist group of the British Computer
     Society, international membership.
     Quarterly journal VECTOR maintains a comprehensive vendor and
     product list.
        British APL Association
        FREEPOST (SG923)
        8 Cardigan Road
        London E3 5HU    UK

     Capital PC User Group APL Special Interest Group
     Free monthly meetings
        51 Monroe Street, Plaza East Two
        Rockville, Maryland 20850-2421
        Tel: (301) 762-9372    FAX: (301) 762-9375
        CPCUG MIX (Member Information Exchange BBS): (301) 738-9060

     The New York City local chapter of ACM SIGAPL
     Monthly meetings (ex July/August), newsletter "BIG APL",
     "APL as a Tool of Thought" miniconferences (the eighth
     in November).  Dues $35, $25 for ACM and for ACM SIGAPL
     members, $10 for students.
        PO Box 138
        New York, New York   10815-0002

     Potomac ACM SIGAPL Chapter
     Free monthly meetings
     Dues: $25, $20 for ACM/ACMSIGAPL members, $10 for students
     c/o CPCUG APL SIG
     51 Monroe Street, Plaza East Two
     Rockville, Maryland 20850-2421
     Tel: (301) 762-9372    FAX: (301) 762-9375

     Suomen APL-yhdistys ry (Finn APL Association) about 4 informal
     newsletters/year, mainly in Finnish, one English issue/year.
     Membership fees,per year   100 Fmk (about 20 $)
     Address:  Box 1005, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
     Chair:    Eero Korpelainen
               University of Joensuu,
               Department of Statistics, Box 111,
               80101 Joensuu, Finland
               Telefax:  358-73-1513290

     SWAPL -- SouthWest APL Users' Group
     Membership fees, per year USA ----- $12
     Non-USA postal supplement ---------  $6
        c/o Stuart Yarus (newsletter editor)
        P.O. Box 210367
        Bedford, TX 76095  U.S.A.
        (817) 656 5896; (817) 577 0165
        Compuserve:   73700,2545

     Toronto ACM APL SIG (sponsoring APL93)
     Meets the 4th monday of September through May, excluding December,
     Attendance is free and membership is CAD 25 per year, CAD 5 for
     full time students.

     Treasurer: Eric Granz 416-980-7149
        P.O. Box 384
        Adelaid Street Post Office
        Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5C 2J5

(9) Conferences

        APL93 (ACM SigAPL)
        August 15-19, 1993
        For an invitation, send a request with your name and address

        or via email with either "send status" or "send registration"

*free usually means you can get it for free from the net, or pay small
media/documentation charges to get it from the vendor.


Sam Sirlin

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