mini review on BYTE mini review on J 
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 mini review on BYTE mini review on J

After reading the pointers in c.l.a, I dashed out to one of the
better equipped news-stands to get me

        BYTE, September issue, pages 267-8
       {*filter*} Pountain:  "The Joy of J"

Well, those references in c.l.a sounded promising but I was a bit
disappointed when I bought the magazine and found just two pages.

The subtitle is "One line of J can do the same work as hundreds
of lines of Pascal or BASIC".  While this scared me a bit at first
sight, the article turned out to be well recherched and to the point.
The other headline, "You could use J like a calculator to do
statistical cluster analysis", is right on the target.

The article presents a short glance at J and is directed at readers
totally unaware of J.  It is very nice that such a broadly
distributed magazine as Byte publishes information on J to a
very large audience.  Thanks!  It is a tough job to do that in
just two pages and therefore the author has to stick at the
surface.  You'll find samples of J code but please don't expect
any explanations.  Out of the four coloumns, one gives background
information regarding J's origins and current status, two are
concerned with a rough sketch of the language, and the last one
describes J as a well-behaved and attractive development tool in
the Windows environment.

To sum it up:

If you've already seen _anything_ on J, and c.l.a readers certainly
have, there's no new information in it for you.  But if you like to
invite a friend to visit you to have a look at J, this might save you
some time - just enclose the article in a letter.

                                                Martin Neitzel

Sun, 01 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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