APL93 in Hogtown! 
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 APL93 in Hogtown!

A Gentle Reminder:

APL93, the ACM SIGAPL International Conference on APL, is happening SOON!
August 15-19, 1993, on the campus of the University of Toronto, in downtown

There is still time to register (in fact, you can even register on-site!).
APL93 includes plenary sessions with Prof. Donald McIntyre and Dr. Stephen
Jaffe, many many tutorials, workshops, panels, refereed papers, and so on.
There's an APL Art Gallery, and quite a few one-on-one poster sessions.
All these combine to give delegates an extensive educational experience.

Hot topics this year include neural networks, control structures,
parallel computation, GUIs, error-correcting codes, etc.

We are honored to have speakers from all over the world, including
a large contingent from the former USSR.
APL93 includes an extensive social program as well, highlighting the
jewels of Toronto: Casa Loma, New City Hall, and the Toronto Islands.

The Vendor Exhibition and Reception will allow APL vendors to
showcase their latest products, as well as offering music and refreshments.

Don't miss APL93!

To register, you can either show up at the door (The Medical Sciences
Building at the University of Toronto St. George Campus) on Sunday,
August 15th, or send email to:

containing the text:

send status

The reply will give you specific information on obtaining a conference
program, registration form, hotel and residence information, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at APL93!

Bob Bernecky
Chair, APL93 Tutorials

Snake Island Research Inc  (416) 203-0854
18 Fifth Street, Ward's Island
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2B9

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