Array arguments to verbs containing loops : A confused Newbies 
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 Array arguments to verbs containing loops : A confused Newbies


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 on Tue, May 06, 1997 at 11:59:03PM -0300

> a=. _0.5j_0.65
> mbz a       NB. a single argument
> 11             NB. Works Fine !

>    ]a=. _2+0.5* i.7
> _2 _1.5 _1 _0.5 0 0.5 1

>    ]b=. j.(_1.5+ 0.5* i.7)
> 0j_1.5 0j_1 0j_0.5 0 0j0.5 0j1 0j1.5

>  ]c=. |:a+/|.b                NB. an array of input arguments
>  _2j1.5    _1.5j1.5  _1j1.5    _0.5j1.5   0j1.5   0.5j1.5    1j1.5
>  _2j1       _1.5j1     _1j1      _0.5j1      0j1     0.5j1       1j1
>  _2j0.5    _1.5j0.5   _1j0.5   _0.5j0.5   0j0.5   0.5j0.5   1j0.5
>  _2         _1.5         _1        _0.5        0        0.5         1
> _2j_0.5   _1.5j_0.5  _1j_0.5 _0.5j_0.5 0j_0.5 0.5j_0.5  1j_0.5
> _2j_1     _1.5j_1     _1j_1   _0.5j_1     0j_1    0.5j_1     1j_1
> _2j_1.5  _1.5j_1.5  _1j_1.5 _0.5j_1.5  0j_1.5  0.5j_1.5 1j_1.5

>    mbz c
> 0              NB. only returns the result of the first argument

> Any help understanding the cause of this effect or in finding the
> proper documentation or resource is greatly appreciated

The parts of J's documentation you're interested in reading is the
documentation on RANK.  You should understand the rank of a noun,
the rank of a verb, and the rank conjunction.

For the moment, I'm going to assume that you want to apply mbz
independently on each element of c.  Then,

   mbz"0 c

should do what you want.

There are several ways of encapsulating this into the function
definition, such as

mbzfixed=: mbz"0

Or, better yet, begin your definition of mbz with the line

mbz =. 3 : 0 " 0


Sun, 24 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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