APL User Survey (again) 
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 APL User Survey (again)

To all users of comp.lang.apl:

SIGAPL/ACM is surveying APL/J Users to learn how it can better
serve the needs of the APL/J community.

If you have already responded, skip this message.  If you have
not yet responded, pleas do so now.

And, we ask you to copy and distribute this Survey even more
widely to your APL/J colleagues who might not see it here on
comp.lang.apl -- via email, fax, or paper.

=====[ cut/edit here, and distribute/publish/RETURN ]============

            SIGAPL/ACM -- APL User Survey

Please help SIGAPL/ACM by answering a few questions.  All answers
are confidential.  Use more space if needed, additional comments
are welcome.  If you get more than 1 copy of this Survey, please
respond only once.

A: What APL (or other) system do you use most in your work?
Software ________________ Hardware ________________ O/S _________

B: Are you the main user of the software you write? ___ (y/n)

C: Do you read Quote Quad regularly? ___ (y/n).
   If No, why not? __________________________________ -> Go to D:
   If Yes, how useful to you are the Quote Quad features below?
   (1=most useful;  5=least;  blank=no opinion;  ties are OK).

    Education ___      Scientific ___     New product reviews ___
     Business ___   ISO Standards ___  Other languages (eg J) ___
      Windows ___      Interviews ___      Bilingual articles ___
   Algorithms ___  Bibliographies ___  Conference Proceedings ___
            Letters to the Editor ___      Telecommunications ___
         Frequency of publication ___  Timeliness of articles ___

D: How useful to you are the sources of APL information below?
   (1=most useful;  5=least;  blank=no opinion;  ties are OK).

  Quote Quad ___  VECTOR  ___  APL BUG___  Big APL___  APL CAM___
Gimme Arrays ___  BBS\APL ___  Vendors___        comp.lang.apl___
    APL News ___  Les Nouvelles d'APL ___  the APL perspective___
Educ. Vector ___  Others/Suggestions? ___________________________

E: Have you attended a SIGAPL Conference since 1989? ___ (y/n).
If No, why not? _____________________________________ -> Go to F:
If Yes, how satisfied are you with the Conference features below?
   (1=most satisfied;  5=least;  blank=no opinion;  ties are OK).

   Location ___       Cost ___   Software Exch.___ Vendor info___
Proceedings ___  Tutorials ___ Birds of/Feather___    Program ___
    Banquet ___  Workshops ___  Poster Sessions___    Housing ___
Business/job opportunities ___  Social/Entertainment/Vacation ___
Others/Suggestions? _____________________________________________

F: How can SIGAPL better meet your needs?  Use extra space as
needed __________________________________________________________

Your State/Prov/Country? ___________________ Years using APL? ___
Your area of work (finance, education, etc.)? ___________________
Do you belong to SIGAPL?___; ACM?___; a local APL user group? ___

703-528-7617 (USA); or mail to 3802 N. Richmond St.  Arlington
VA 22207 USA.  SIGAPL/ACM thanks you!               (c.l.a. 2)

Tue, 21 Jan 1997 10:28:55 GMT  
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