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 APL for OS/2

About to buy APL2 for OS/2 and want to ask a couple of quick questions.

First question:  What is/are the part numbers I should refer to?

Second question: Is there more than one version for OS/2?  I have this feeling
                 I remember reading about a trimmed down version and a full
                 version.  If this is true, what is missing from the trimmed
                 down version?

Thanks in advance.

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Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:06:27 GMT  
 APL for OS/2
APL2 for OS/2 Entry Edition is 89G1556
APL2 for OS/2 Advanced Edition is 89G1697

The Entry Edition does not contain DB2 interface, TCP/IP interface,
global shared variables, TIME facility or tools for writing your
own Auxiliary Processors.  The Advanced Edition does.

We have sent you an on-line copy of our technical brief on APL2 for
OS/2 which contains all this information and more details.

Technical briefs are available on all our products (DOS, OS/2,
AIX, Sun, 370).  Anyone can request a copy of one or more of these

Nancy Wheeler
APL Products and Services

Sun, 19 Jan 1997 05:12:35 GMT  
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