Announcement: Version 4.03 of SHARP APL for UNIX 
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 Announcement: Version 4.03 of SHARP APL for UNIX



Contact:  Larry Moore or Margaret Murphy (416) 364-9355

          Nancy Lamb (716) 256-6466

          Laurie Howard +31-20-646-4475

Announcing Version 4.03 of SHARP APL for UNIX

Toronto, Canada, July 6, 1994 - Soliton Associates announces a new
release of SHARP APL for UNIX.

Soliton Associates, which develops, markets, sells and supports SHARP
APL for MVS mainframes and UNIX platforms extends its high
performance software technology in the UNIX environment to include
powerful new features.  Version 4.03 delivers an interface to the
Berkeley Socket communications standard for TCP/IP networks, plus a
generalized facility to interface APL and C language programs, named
the Intrinsic Function Facility.

The Socket interface is implemented as Intrinsic Functions in version
4.03 of SHARP APL for UNIX.  Using the Socket interface, an APL
application can easily communicate with other Socket applications
residing on any TCP/IP connected host.

The Intrinsic Function Facility allows calls to C language functions
to be incorporated into APL applications.  Uses can include custom
tuning of APL applications, and implementing custom interfaces to
external data, Electronic Mail applications, or other C language
functions or libraries.

In announcing version 4.03, Nancy Lamb, Soliton's manager of
marketing and sales, said "This new version of SHARP APL for UNIX
provides the powerful communication capabilities users require to
integrate APL solutions into their current and future computing

APL is a proven language of choice for sophisticated problem solving
by financial analysts, actuaries and engineers.  SHARP APL is both an
APL computer language and a high-performance computing environment
that supports many-user, interactive, shared-data applications.

SHARP APL 4.03 for UNIX is available for SUN SPARCStations running
SUNOS 4.1 and IBM RS6000 running AIX 3.2.

To order, or to get more information on SHARP APL 4.03 for UNIX or
other Soliton products contact a Soliton Associates sales
representative in Canada, the United States or the Netherlands, or

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