IBM's APL2 announcements at APL93 
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 IBM's APL2 announcements at APL93

Several people have asked me to post a summary of the announcements
IBM made at APL93 for those of you who were unable to attend.  Here is
the summary:

IBM announced several enhancements to the APL2 family of products:

   APL2 for OS/2
   APL2 for Sun Solaris
   APL2 for RS/6000 Release 1.2

These products will be generally available at the end of the year.  We
will be making formal announcements at that time which will include

We have also been working on new releases of the mainframe products
for CMS and TSO.  We will be making those releases available early
next year.

The workstation products are all based on a new C-based interpreter
which we also intend to port to other platforms.

The workstation products all include a new Global Shared Variable
facility which supports multiple asynchronous processors and APL2
sessions communicating through shared variables.  The workstation
products, and the mainframe products also, all support cooperative
processing; the ability to communicate between APL2 sessions across a
network using native APL2 facilities.

At our vendor forum, we demonstrated the new APL2 for OS/2 product's
interfaces to the OS/2 Presentation Manager including facilities for
building GUI applications and the new CUA Session Manager.  We also
demonstrated the workstation products' new cooperative processing
facilities including utility functions to easily build client-server
applications.  The demonstration concluded with a GUI application
running on OS/2 controlling two server graphical applications, one
running on a Sparc station and one running on an RS/6000.

At APL93 we started enrolling external customers in the Beta test
program for the APL2 for OS/2 product.  We will be opening enrollment
up through the network in the near future.  I will posting information
about how to enroll at that time.

David Liebtag
IBM APL Products and Services

Sat, 17 Feb 1996 05:09:09 GMT  
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