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Further to my previous posting:

Please note that Richard Hill has requested you advise him if you are coming
(See contact information at end).  This will assist in provision of chairs,
nibbles, etc.  Also, there is a (as yet indefinite) plan to change the venue &
he may need to contact those coming!

                 The Melbourne APL User Group
                        Next meeting

Topic: The Latest from APL95 and What's New in O.R.!

Harvey Davies has just come back from APL95 in Texas, & Moshe Sniedovich has
been looking at the O.R. scene in Europe.  At our meeting these intrepid
travellers will bring us up to date with the latest news & trends from the
Northern Hemisphere.

As well, we hope to talk about practical use of APL & J.  Encode & decode
(base & antibase) are interesting & powerful concepts.  There will be a
"micro-tutorial" on this topic, hosted by Richard Hill.  Bring along your own
ideas & questions.

Question of the month:
Do you know any neat tricks to get a list of the near points (in nD space)
to a given point.  Points to be sequenced by distance.

Date:  Tuesday 8th August

Place: Lois & Richard Hill's house, 49 First St., Black Rock

Time:  5.30 pm coffee, tea and nibbles
       6.00 pm meeting starts

1. Report on APL95 by Harvey Davies (with summary of paper on J anomalies)
2. Summary by Nick Beaumont of paper 'Is APL2 a Good Programming Language?'
3. Report on O.R. in Europe by Moshe Sniedovich
4. Micro-tutorial on base/antibase (encode/decode) by Richard Hill

Freebies (small charge for diskettes) which will be available:
       1. Freeware APL*Plus PC (complete DOS ISO-APL)
       2. J freeware (for DOS & MS Windows)
       3. New edition of 'Introduction to J'                

Further Information:
       Contact me (see below) or Richard Hill, whose contact details are:

       tel: 61 (0) 3 9 589 5578
       fax: 61 (0) 3 9 589 3220

Harvey Davies,                              Home: +61 3 9772 5199
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research,     Work: +61 3 9586 7574
Private Bag No. 1, Mordialloc,               Fax: +61 3 9586 7600

Mon, 19 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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