The secret behind the good performance in J 
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 The secret behind the good performance in J

I have these last few days began to show off my forms and give them as
applications to "strangers".

Up to now I have either been using J as a controlling mechanism to
various applications and shuffling data between places and applications
with some calculations thrown in here and there.

The Visual parts I have kept to myself and used for Demos and/or to play

In order to have this introduction to Visual presentation in J forms I
create the forms as simple to use for the user as I can by using
comboboxes for the user input. The user chooses from preallocated paths
and names to combine into the names of result files.

This way the user gets immediate responses on each "query". It is
obvious because all the application needs to do is read in a file
which is immediately preformatted for the form.

The "real" job of creating the result file is taken care of by a
separate process previously. That incidentally is mostly made by J at
least the last stage of preparing the resultfile to be presented in the
form for the user later on.

The "backoffice" J has no need for special speed and can run on pretty
much anything as long I can trust the machine to do the job. It really
does not matter what operating system, database, language or anything as
long as in the end the information the user is after comes out.

Then the secret of the good performance is to let the user have a fast
windows 95 or an equally fast windows NT and use the latest J3 with
prearranged scripts.

It is also quite impressive to show the user how easy it is to be able
to do a "live" change to the appearance of the form. Add buttons, change
texts and do all kinds of "cosmetics" to the form.

From a long experience of what the user needs then this is what
impresses the user the most. That and the fact that there are some
useful information to be had from the results. Most of the time that is
somewhat less relevant. The look of the report, the form in this case,
is of the greatest value.

The nice thing about these scripts is that I can place them out on a
common disk where the users can get at them and then only those who are
allowed access to the result files can see the actual reports but
everyone gets to see the form working correctly.


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