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 APL97 Progress Report

APL97 - Share Knowledge/Share Success - August 17-20, Toronto

Success Leads to Success! - Conference Planning Progress Report

To date, the APL97 organizing committee is pleased to report
that it expects APL97 will be a runaway success!

The overwhelming response from the APL community to our earlier
call for speaker presentations has meant that we have had to
regretfully turn down some offers to the program. APL97 will
pack a huge amount of leading-edge Array Processing Language
instruction, discussion and information into a short and very
busy three and a half days, along with several social events.

With three or four concurrent sessions taking place for most
of the program, we anticipate the main complaint from attendees
will be that they can't be in two or three places at once!

Registrations to the conference are now just below the 100 mark
and climbing steadily. Hands-on workshops appear to be the
heavily favoured part of the program, but the conference offers
a great deal more than these.

Thanks to a special funding arrangement with Ryerson University,
the Toronto APL SIG will underwrite hardware and software
upgrades to a large 36-PC facility at the Rogers Communications
Centre, to ensure that the latest technology platform is
available for workshops at APL97.

Besides the seven PC-based workshops, APL97 will offer a total
of 18 expert instructor-led tutorial sessions, and 18 other
speaker presentations by industry and academic leaders. These
topics cover a wide range of APL, J, and other array processing
language technologies, with special emphasis on integrating
array languages with the rest of the computing and networking
universe. A unique J-generated visual art exhibit is also part
of the program.

Keeping with the success theme, our plenary session speakers
could not be more appropriate:  Mr. Ian Sharp, will tell us how
APL played a role in one of the most successful pre-PC era
software companies in the world: I.P.Sharp Associates, a company
whose legacy to the world of APL and computing is huge indeed.
And Mr. John Heinmiller of SS&C/Chalke Inc. and Mr. Eric Baelen
of APL2000, will speak about PTS2000, the most successful
product in actuarial computing today.

Please Register NOW!

If you haven't done so already, PLEASE get your registration to
APL97 in NOW. Cost is only $160CDN. APL97 is a 100% volunteer
effort by members of the Toronto APL SIG, and a flood of
last-minute registrations will only make our task a lot more
difficult. Complete and up-to-date details about the conference,
including registration procedures, are available on our website,
at:  www.torontoapl.org

See you in August!

Richard Procter
Chair, APL97

Wed, 08 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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