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 APL96 Software Library

             The 1996 SIGAPL Software Library (SL)
    (formerly known as the Software Exchange.  See footnote)

The Software Library (SL) is the premier venue for APL, J, and
other array-oriented authors to display their programming ideas
and skills, and for vendors to showcase their demos and products.

SIGAPL will try some new ideas for the 1996 SL.  We want to
decouple the SL from the annual conference, to make it available
year-round following the conference, and to make it more quickly
available both electronically and by mail order.  SIGAPL wants
to make it easy for users to get SL software even if they don't
attend the annual conference.  SIGAPL wants to unbundle SL
software so you can easily get exactly the software that works
in *your* interpreter.

APL and J software authors and vendors are invited to send their
material on a 3.5" DOS disk to{*filter*} Holt, 3802 N. Richmond St.
Arlington VA 22207 USA.  You may send small APL WSs as APLASCII


You may send your software at *any* time of the year.  Software
received by about June 15 1996 will be available at the APL96
Conference in Lancaster England, 7/28 - 8/1.  This software, as
well as that received later in the year, will be available by
mail-order and via ftp://watserv1.waterloo.ca (and very probably
at some other sites) on a year-round basis.

For APL96, SIGAPL's updated Software Library guidelines are:

- Include an *ASCII* file (call it WSNAME.DOC) to describe what
  the software does, and what hardware and software is needed to
  use it.  English is preferred, and other languages are welcome.

- Think electronically.  Your software needs to be packaged as a
  stand-alone product for easy electronic transmission.  And, good
  documentation makes your software more valuable.

- Include *all* needed copyright permissions.  SIGAPL can't dis-
  tribute copyright software without permission.

- If possible, provide APL software in both its original form and
  as an APLACSCII file.  APLASCII software (v1.4) is available for
  all major APLs via ftp://watserv1.waterloo.ca.

- Authors should pay special attention to the quality, usefulness,
  and documentation of their work, and should include their name
  and address.

- Significant improvements and major updates of prior SL software
  are welcome.

Attention APL and J editors: please publish this call for APL96
software in your newsletter or journal.  Please Note: I've been
informed that the term "Software Exchange" is a registered trade-
mark, and that we can't use it anymore.  Because SIGAPL plans to
make some major changes in the former "Software Exchange", perhaps
this will be a good turn of events -- encouraging us all to be
creative in turning the Software LIBRARY into a first-class re-
source for the entire APL and J community.

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