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 Which operating system ?

    Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli writes:
      > could you briefly list some technical facts that make youhave
      > such a definite opininon, especially from the APLer's point of view

I do not think there is any need for APLer's to argue about which of the
operating systems that APL runs in are best.

What is important is that we have an APL dialect in all environments.

All operating systems have their good points and they have their dedicated
followers. What matters to one is trivial to an other. What matters to me is
that I have a customer willing to pay for my work. I have to adjust to the
operating system the customer is using.

I have always had something good to say about all the operating systems
I have used. I may not have liked everything about any of them. APL has
in all cases assisted in taking away the peculiarities away from the

All APL systems I know differ a little bit in their extensions and mostly
because of the adaptability the operating system. Also very important is
the number of customers willing to support the people making the operating
system as well as all the developers making applications for the operating

The customers have been flocking around windows and dos even if all the
technical fact and herds of experts have been telling them not to do so.

So trying to judge what is the best technical solution and base the decision
on that alone has proven very wrong in the past for many people and

I think it would be beneficial for the APL community to agree on how APL
works and how extensions should be made and make demands on the
operating systems they are running in.

The flow of customers at the moment seems to be in the direction of
object orientation, components and client/server not to mention visual

All of these are very easy to do in most APLs. Client/server is where the
operating system and the APL dialect differs the most because most
operating systems in the past were proprietary and most companies
tried to make sure their operating systems as well as their customers
could not talk to other operating systems.

Most customers never liked that idea but had to choose one or the other.

Now the situation is dramatically different and the customers can choose
several operating systems, databases and whatever without having to marry
the hardware provider at the same time.

OS/2 may very well be the best technical solution for the PC.
Various flavors of Unix could claim the same.
VM,MVS, OS/400, VMS, MPE and whatever proprietary could too.

The inferior dos operating system has stolen the customers and it is
highly likely that the customers will flock in drows to Windows 95.
I for one would like to be one of the people who benefit from being
for once in the right place at the right time and go with the flow instead
of trying to stop the train and point in some other technically better

J is an APL dialect that is making all the right decisions it is represented
all major environments. It has none of the major drawbacks of the APL chars.
It works excellently in Windows 95 and has as an easy Visual front end as
Visual Basic. It has all the most advanced features of any APL. It has none
of the fat, bureaucracy, of a dinosaur company behind it making all kinds of
silly decisions. I am sure it is going to become a major success.


Mon, 12 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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