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 Apology from CPCUG APL SIG Chair

Please excuse the posting yesterday (14 Sept 1002 13:23:16 GMT) of an item
entitled "CPCUG Presents a Workshop on J by Prof.  Donald B. McIntyre".
Someone must have grabbed that text from BBS\APL messages that should have
been private, were addressed only to me, and that at 13:23 GMT I had not read.
That was only a draft.  The item being prepared was intended as a handbill to
be passed out at the main CPCUG monthly meeting.  Several administrative
details that needed to be coordinated with other elements of the CPCUG had not
been settled and have in fact been changed.

I should have admonished the fellow helping me to remember to keep everything
private until it is ready for wide distribution.  I apologize for not doing

Perhaps the party posting that notice had not observed that not more
frequently than once a month do I take the liberty of routinely posting here
(comp.lang.apl), for worldwide distribution, a schedule of CPCUG APL SIG
activities.  That has been justified because so many folks travel through the
Washington DC area that this may be deemed to be of more than strictly local

If the party posting the workshop material had realized that Donald McIntyre
will be conducting J workshops in ten or more other locations throughout North
America during September and October they might have been a little less quick
to broadcast our local doings.

I had thought about approaching others involved with McIntyre's trip to see if
we could construct a single announcement for The Net with appropriate
administrivia tailored to the needs of each locality.  I had not gotten to act
on that, if someone wishes to take the initiative I will cooperate.

Sincerely, John A. Martin, Chairman, Capital PC User Group APL SIG

Sat, 04 Mar 1995 15:18:00 GMT  
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