K.CoSy Edition 1 ( 0 origin ) now available 
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 K.CoSy Edition 1 ( 0 origin ) now available

Group ,

Jeez , what a semester .  First the disk crash before
APL2001 in June ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) ,
then 0911 ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) .

But , as soon as the Fish Market ( back for its 2nd week )
cleared out abnormally early this morning , Con Ed across
Peck Slip resumed back-hoeing the Belgium Blocks and cutting
up the concrete on the Slip and South St , and brought in
incredible cranes to install new transformers , and their
radiators , to further re-empower Downtown Manhattan .
It's been 7 days a week . ( I've taken video clips . )

I , myself , have just uploaded the second edition of  K.CoSy
which continues becoming an ever more powerful tool to keep
up with the business of everyday life around here .

I call it a second edition rather than just an update because
some changes are pervasive , so that it is best to simply
start it up , then copy forward any words you have created or
changed since the 0th edition .

The most consequential changes :

 ~ Changed tag for Root dictionary from  `.D  to  `.R  for
   coexistence with  Kdb  ( which uses `.d and `.D ) .

 + In  `text  , `f6  executes in local dictionary ,
    `f7  executes in  `.R  .

 + Starts up with Console "\" help screens displayed in  `.r .

 + 27 net new words bringing the total , all documented ,
   vocabulary up to 165 :
      `Comments `DSORT `Dat `Dxeq `FNSCON `Jobtext `PRTBL
      `Pallet `S `UD `allmatch `brak `c2f `d2h `dcat `dic2ltab
      `dics `dospath `drpl `dsel `emptyd `fac `i `leaf `linv
      `n `nuld `nuldic `signum `sortdic `t2d `t2h `tab2dic
      `tab2html `to `v `viewhelp

   `f2 displays them with their help .

  + Al la comments of  Dennis Shasha , all sloppy references to
    "directory"s when I meant K "dictionary"s have been corrected .  

Over the next several months , I expect to be posting notes and
scripts to do a variety of the activities , from hierarchical
ledgers to HTML publishing and table i/o this vocabulary
facilitates .
Note that in K.CoSy , a script is not just something you can
load from a file , but a set of lines that can be kept around
in `text and executed in or out of sequence , edited ,
copied , etc , as needed .

-- Bob Armstrong -- http://www.*-*-*.com/ -- 212-285-1864
    K.CoSy Rapid Quantitative Modeling
       language and consulting
         2001/10/23 11:00:14

Mon, 12 Apr 2004 04:24:13 GMT  
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