APL essential features 
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 APL essential features

Bill Chang enumerates the essental paradimes of APL.
I would like to add
(10) pervasivenmess...oeps pervasiveness: A+5 works for every A size
(11) "dimensioning"-manipulations (I don't know a better word): inner
    product, outer product, reduction, rank, ",[..]". They all manupilate
   over certain dimensions (they happen to be all operators, but that is
   pure (?) change)
(12) (not a particular paradigm, but definately a very important
     characteristics of APL definitions) consistent operation even for
     zero length arrays.

Regarding (6): I agree and I like to refrase this as KISS which means:
Keep It Symbol Simple.

Regarding (7) simple line-oriented execution model.
I don't think this is an essential paradigm of APL.
As you know I am a strong advocate of control structures in APL which
means control AS WELL AS STRUCTURE.
I do program jumps structured and I think that structuring within a
function is still not non-APL.


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