SIGAPL Software Exchange Survey 
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 SIGAPL Software Exchange Survey

             SIGAPL 1995 Software Exchange (SX) Survey

SIGAPL wants your input on how to improve its Annual Conference Soft-
ware Exchange (SX).  Please take a minute to answer a few questions:
If you are unfamiliar with the SX, or really don't care, we want to
know about that too.  At least, please respond to Question 1.

1. Do you usually get a copy of the Software Exchange? [  ](y/n)
   If no, why not? __________________________________________________
   Comments? ________________________________________________________

2. If you usually get the Software Exchange (SX) software, how useful
   is it for you? [  ] (1=very useful, 5=not useful)
   What do you want *more* of? ______________________________________
   What do you want *less* of? ______________________________________
   Comments? ________________________________________________________

3. Should SIGAPL try to:
   -    make the SX available year-round?        [  ](y/n)
   -    make the SX available by mail-order?     [  ](y/n)
   -    unbundle the SX by interpreter?          [  ](y/n)
   -    keep a library of prior years of the SX? [  ](y/n)
   -    use peer review of the SX for quality?   [  ](y/n)
   -    provide the SX to local user groups?     [  ](y/n)

   Comments? ________________________________________________________

4. For APL/J software authors: what is the single most useful thing
   that SIGAPL might do to encourage you to publish your software in
   the Software Exchange?

5. Are you a member of SIGAPL? [  ](y/n)
   Do you have Internet email? [  ];  FTP? [  ];  WWW? [  ](y/n)
   What is your State/Province/Country? _____________________________

6. Other comments/suggestions for improving the SX?  (use extra space
   as needed):

mail to{*filter*} Holt, 3802 N. Richmond St. Arlington VA 22207 USA, or by
fax to 703-528-7617 (24hrs).

> APL Editors: Please publish this survey in your newsletter.
> Local SIGs : Please distribute this survey to your members.

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