How to get a copy of MacAPL 
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 How to get a copy of MacAPL

I was pleasently surprised by all the replies I received about MacAPL.
After a week's holiday, I can now do something about it. It seems that, as
it stands, I cannot distribute my port to non-licence holders. Thus, if
you want a copy, send a photocopy of your Licence (V6 or more recent) plus
$US 20 to:

        Ed Wilkinson
        Computer Centre
        Massey University
        Palmerston North
        New Zealand

I shall return ASAP two disks, containing sources, a runnable(?) version,
and some notes and a couple of reports which may be of some use. Please
note that I have not touched it since last year. If you find something
which looks really silly, you're right! Priorities were to get at least
something going by a deadline - I think I achieved that, just!

I shall try to reply to those who emailed me, especially John Bruner who
did much of the early work. I shall also arrange for somebody to take over
MacAPL for further development. The main task will to be to weed out the
AT & T proprietary code so that it can be distributed to anyone at all.

If anyone has any legal queries, please let me know. I don't want to do
anything which will cause problems for anyone! Thanks again for all the
replies and offers of help - I'll get in contact with as many of you as
possible as soon as possible.

Sun, 17 Jan 1993 18:48:00 GMT  
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