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Is anyone aware of another forum where the discussions deal
more with the commercial use of APL?  Issues around data dictionaries
for APL. Creation of data independent code.  Automatic screen layout
for data capture.  Query techniques with compressed, inverted files.
Data compression based on content statistics.  Arrays used for fast,
high volume, invoice or other commercial processing.  Reusable GUI
modules for screen creation.  Use of PC or workstation farms for
shared processing.  Communication techniques for client/server designs.  
Use of nested arrays for storage/transfer of complex business
transactions - much as for EDI.  Use/management of a persistent local
cache for common reference data or code in a networked environment.
Implementation of Data Warehouses.  Interfaces to conventional files
and data bases, and so on?

Sun, 21 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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