IAPL v. 1.11 System functions 
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 IAPL v. 1.11 System functions

I recently downloaded from a Simtel20-type archive a demo version of iAPL 1.11,
which is basically complete except for the manuals and other advantages of reg-
istration (something for the future perhaps). I am satisfied with its perform-
ance, and I chose it over other public domain APL's because it works with a CGA
card & monitor. I don't have EGA here at home. I am eager to learn APL and may
progress to a professional system when I attain proficiency.
        I haven't yet found adequate instruction material on APL, especially on
system functions that vary from version to version. In the case of this iAPL,
I solved the mystery of the Stop & Trace services which are as follows:
              (iota 7) QuadTRACE 'functionname'
To turn them off, one replaces the left-side argument with either an empty lit-
eral, an empty vector, or a line # way past the highest line # in the function:
              (iota 0) QuadSTOP  'functionname'
                   ''  QuadTRACE
(I used descriptive expressions for the unprintable APL characters.) The older
way of asking for Trace & Stop doesn't work on this version. Period.
        To interrupt execution, use CTRL-[ , not CTRL-Break or C.
        Next I searched the saved workspaces for other system functions using
Quad. I found a few of the traditional ones, but I also found three that are
not in my (outdated) text-book. I don't know what they are for or how to use
them. They are:    QuadHC   I was only able to make it take a left-arrow
assignment of 1 or 0. I still don't know what it does.
                   QuadMC   I failed to make it do anything.  And...
                   QuadE    Likewise Failed.

        Furthermore, I found two system commands whose use and purpose is
unknown to me:          )SINL           )PCOPY

        If you can enlighten me as to the use of these three functions and
two system commands, I will be much obliged, and glad to help you whenever I
can be of service.                      Yours cordially,       Warren V.

Mon, 11 Dec 1995 19:45:45 GMT  
 IAPL v. 1.11 System functions


>I recently downloaded ... iAPL 1.11,
   ...[and found]
>              (iota 7) QuadTRACE 'functionname'
>    The older
>way of asking for Trace & Stop doesn't work on this version. Period.

Is anybody using a version of APL that uses another method for stop
and trace?   Some early APLs used an assignment to a variable with
a funny name.  Do these usages survive today?


Prof. Leroy J.{*filter*}ey, Faculty of Mathematics, U of Waterloo, Canada  N2L 3G1

Tue, 12 Dec 1995 21:17:23 GMT  
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