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 APL control structures -- new

I have been away from this list for a long time, but I want to comment on the
admixture of "classical 3rd generation control structures" to APL and J8, even
if I haven't seen either yet.
           I am wary of this development because I fear it'll lead to unidioma-
tic APL programming and the *forgetting* of the "de rigeur" APL idioms. It may
lead to programming habits comparable to using a functional language like LISP
in a non-functional way: ("exceptions", I believe they are called).
           I would rather learn idiomatic APL programming than follow "short-
cuts" which sacrifice style and execution speed.
           Object-oriented APL facilities and hooks into operating systems like
Windows and OS2 may be more congenial to me. It depends ...

Tue, 28 Jan 1997 07:15:09 GMT  
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