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 APL93 Russian Fund

Those of you who read this group regularly may have seen postings regarding
the APL93 Russian Fund, which is bringing a number of researchers and
APL users to APL93 (Toronto, August 15-19) from the former USSR.

A company in Chicago (I'm not sure if they want to stay anonymous, or
have their name plastered over the net, so will stay mum until I hear
otherwise.) is offering to match funds contributed to the APL93 Russian Fund
up to a maximum of $1000 USD.

Contributions to the fund may be sent to
   APL93 Russian Fund
   Box 384, Adelaide Street Postal Station
   Toronto, Ontario M5C 2J5 Canada

Currently, 6 people are being sponsored, and it appears that the Fund
may be adequate to support a few more.

Information on APL93 may be obtained by sending email to:

containing the text
    send status

This will return a brief message giving information on the conference,
registration, papers, abstracts, etc.
JUNE 15 IS THE CHEAP SEATS DEADLINE. Registration costs go up
by $75USD if your registration isn't received by JUNE 15, so sign up now!

Bob Bernecky
Ben Best
APL93 Russian Fund

Snake Island Research Inc  (416) 203-0854
18 Fifth Street, Ward's Island
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2B9

Sat, 18 Nov 1995 23:54:34 GMT  
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