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There's a routine at Waterloo by Andreas Geyer-Schulz called APL2TeX
which supposedly allows you to take apl and convert it to Tex.  A version
for the 32-bit IBM APL2 interpreter is stored in

My question is: has anyone actually got this working on the pc?  I tried
downloading both the .atf and the .uue versions, and when I tried to
get them into APL2 I got a lot of "not copied" messages, and a workspace
with no functions or variables.

I send Andreas a message a while ago, but no reply (I'm not convinced it got
through).  If anyone HAS got this working for APL/PC-232, would you let me


Phil Viton
City Planning, Ohio State University, 190 W 17th Ave Columbus OH 43210

Sun, 28 Jan 1996 22:03:41 GMT  
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