CAP 1.0.1 , license #1 component of CAPLIB 
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 CAP 1.0.1 , license #1 component of CAPLIB

Today I downloaded this product from the languages/apl/CAP subdirectory of WAT-
SERV1. This product, cap.exe, self-extracts itself into all the files needed
for an APL interpreter under PC-DOS. This includes a "HELP.APL" WS and several
more, an A to Z "Handbook". You may load the included font of APL glyphs or, if
you lack EGA like me, use the well-designed ASCII transliteration table offered
by the author, Thomas Glen Smith. CAP doesn't pretend to be more than a simple,
minimal APL to learn on. It has the classic APL functions and operators, and
that is it. E.g., you get the "Del" editor, and editing input after the "APL>"
prompt is limited to Backspace erasure. But I see this as no reason to put it
down. Especially when for $30 registration you can get the license #2 component
which is "CAPLIB", a library of C routines that allow you to implement in one
line of C code any classic APL function! Your C math programs will really take
off. For another $30 you can get the license #3 source code.
         In my brief test run, I only found one bug: Any occurrence of ASCII 26
will hang the interpreter, though you can still go back to DOS by CTRL-C/Break
if this happens. Typing CTRL-Z will hang it, as will admitting this character
by way of the atomic vector, Lav in its ASCII version. Therefore any presence
of 27 in any index, explicit or implied, to the atomic vector must be filtered
out. APL offers innumerable methods like Drop for doing so. I suppose ASCII 26
entered with the ALT key and numeric keypad will also hang it.
         This is the only one with an effect. ASCII 3 has none, although CTRL-C
does. I haven't determined the key used to interrupt processing of programs.
Also, I have only made cursory use of this license #1 free component, not of #2

Sun, 24 Dec 1995 07:41:48 GMT  
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