Need Assistance to Use APL*Plus II/386 Under WINNT 
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 Need Assistance to Use APL*Plus II/386 Under WINNT

Reference:  post from Ric Sherlock, 21 Nov 2002, "Re: APL 6.01 (DOS)
and WinXP".

I tried to install APL*Plus II/386 distributed with the book "APL
Notes" by Jim Weigang.  The program executes but I'm not getting the
APL fonts in either window or full screen mode.

The above reference from Rick Sherlock describes his successful
installation on an XP machine and how to do it.  However, his
instructions don't work on my machine.  This may have to do with the
fact that he refers to C:\WINDOWS\ directory while I have C:\WINNT\
instead.  Probably I have a later version of XP or something.

If anyone has any suggestions please post to the group or to me

Thanks in advance.

Sat, 26 Nov 2005 10:57:38 GMT  
 Need Assistance to Use APL*Plus II/386 Under WINNT
With the assistance of Jim Weigang, this problem is solved.  Jim will
be preparing new documentation for his product.  Jim can be contacted

Tue, 29 Nov 2005 08:16:05 GMT  
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