calling dll with J3 
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 calling dll with J3

I tried to post this message earlier, and somehow the treacherous
netscape put it in an unrelated thread.  Sorry.  I am a novice
completely puzzled by the description in chapter 13 of _User Manual_ of
calling a DLL.  I have a 32bit DLL called "addtwo.dll" with a function
double addtwo (double, double); that simply adds two doubles and returns
the sum.  In J, I type 'addtwo addtwo d d d ' cd 2;4 This does not give
me any error message, and it returns 0 always.  But how do I get the
answer 6? Where and how do I use _2&(3!:5) as I seem to need to?
Thanks, Henry Harpending, Penn State University

Tue, 22 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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