Product Announcement - APL.68000 Level II for Mac and Power Mac 
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 Product Announcement - APL.68000 Level II for Mac and Power Mac

MicroAPL is pleased to announce details of an upgrade to the Macintosh versions
of APL.68000 Level II. The upgrade combines a series of major enhancements, for
example in the way in which the user interface may be programmed, with a new,
native version of APL.68000 Level II for the new Power Macintosh.

'Native' Power Macintosh Support

Version 3 of APL.68000 Level II is available both for 680x0-based Macintosh
systems and for the new Power Macintosh range. The Power Macintosh version runs
in native mode on the Power Macintosh and has been produced by MicroAPL's
Assembly Language translator, PortAsm. PortAsm has been also used by other
Macintosh developers, such as WordPerfect Corporation, to port their
applications to the Power Macintosh.  

New Object-Based GUI Programming

Included in Version 3 is a new system function {quad}WI which provides a
simple, consistent and object-based method of controlling user-interface
elements such as buttons, list boxes, pop-up menus and pictures.   Objects are
created using {quad}WI, and their behaviour is defined by setting properties.  
And to help APL users develop cross-platform applications, the implementation
of {quad}WI is largely compatible with Manugistics' APL*Plus III for Windows,
making it straightforward to move applications between the Macintosh and
Windows PCs.  

The object classes supported by  WI are Window (or Form), Document,  Dialog,
Static text, (or Label) Button, Radio button (or Option button), Check box,
Edit field, List, PopUp menu (or Combo), Icon, Picture, Scroll bar, Line,
Rectangle, RoundRect, Arc, Movie and Timer.

New Callback-Based Event Handling

In addition to the GETEVENT function previously available, Version 3 of
APL.68000 Level II implements callback-based event handling.  A 'callback' is
an APL function (or other expression) which is run when a given event occurs
(for example, if a Button is pressed).  

To give you full control of event handling, callbacks are run during the
{quad}WE (wait for event) system function, to which you pass a timeout value as
the right argument.  This allows applications to continue processing events
during lengthy calculation or other processing.  You also have full control
over whether APL's default event handling takes place, which together with an
event triggering feature makes it possible to write APL custom controls.

Play Quicktime Movies from APL

Amongst the object classes supported by APL.68000 Level II is the Movie object.
 This allows an application to take advantage of Apple's Quicktime movie
technology, with the possibility of multi-media applications under APL control.

Improved Programming Environment

Many enhancements have been made to the user interface, further developing
APL.68000 Level II's position as one of the most user-friendly APL programming
environments. These include:

oNew 'Windows' menu, with multiple sessions identified by workspace name, and
improved dialog design.
oSupport for Apple Events - multiple workspaces may be launched simultaneously
at start up, and double-clicking on a workspace icon during APL execution opens
a new APL task.
oImproved File Menu with Import and Export options to exchange Transfer format
files with other APLs
oNew Print menu items allow print of workspace listing as well as contents of
any APL window.
oImproved editor facilities including new find/replace facility.
oCloser conformance to Apple's System 7 user-interface guidelines.
oRemoval of limits on number of edit windows open simultaneously (up to overall
limit of 99 open windows).
oUp to nine APL tasks can run simultaneously!
oNew user preferences dialog for startup configuration

100% Upwards Compatibility

In implementing the new features in APL.68000 Level II, we have retained 100%
upwards compatibility for existing APL applications - even if you have written
680x0-family auxiliary processors and want to run them on a Power Macintosh!

Royalty-Free Packager Included

MicroAPL pioneered the concept of royalty-free runtime APL licences, allowing
you to distribute your APL applications without paying licence fees.  Version 3
of APL.68000 Level II now makes this even easier by including as standard a
'Packager' which turns your APL workspace into a standalone Macintosh

Business Graphics Workspace

The new PlotMac workspace allows you to create simple business graphics with a
few easy APL commands, automatically scaling and labelling axes. You can create
line and scatter plots; histograms; and pie charts. The graphs can be shown
on-screen, printed or exported to other applications.

Free APL Toolkit

Finally, we have included a copy of the public domain APL Toolkit produced by
the Toronto APL SIG which contains a wide variety of useful APL utility
functions that will run under all types of APL interpreter.


APL.68000 Level II Version 3 runs on all models of Apple Macintosh, including
running in native mode on the PowerMac range, and requires Apple System 7.0 or
later. APL.68000 Level II Version 3 will automatically use the hardware
coprocessor on those 68000-family Macintosh computers which support 68881/2

For further details of the upgrade and full pricing information contact
MicroAPL in London on:

phone +44 71 922 8866
fax:     +44 71 928 1006
applelink:      microapl

Fri, 13 Dec 1996 22:55:41 GMT  
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